Gold fever for Sture at the Gyllene Hjulet awards!

April 15, 2019


Sture Exhibitions & Events was awarded gold for both “Crafts of the year” and “Expo of the year” at Gyllene Hjulet (The Golden Wheel Awards) – the competition that highlights Sweden’s most acclaimed projects in experience-based communication.
During the year’s largest industry gala held at Annexet in Stockholm, we, together with our customer Svenska Fönster, took home the awards for our creative, courageous and acclaimed booth project at Nordbygg 2018.
We are extremely proud, happy and excited about the awards and we have just started to recover from the celebrations.

The jury’s motivation:
“Pine with roots in Hälsingland is the raw material in Svenska Fönster’s products. Foreign players take market with windows made ut of fossil materials, but the demand for sustainable processes is increasing. At Nordbygg, one wanted to leave a lasting impression and message. High ambitions cooperated well with Sture Exhibition & Events’ creativity and professional skills. We took the forest with us. Material, atmosphere and feeling met the visitors and framed their clear message; the importance of the raw material. Result: The fair’s most talked about stand. ”
“In a tough market with foreign players and windows of fossil materials, Svenska Fönsters wanted to advance its position as a sustainable and innovative window supplier with its roots and production in the forest-rich Hälsingland. Therefore, we created a booth with our raw material, the Hälsingland forest with its atmosphere, at Nordbygg 2018. With pine trees, mosses, rocks and running water, as well as the forest’s haze, aroma, sound and light, we built the fair’s most talked about booth and surpassed all our goals. ”

The project:
The project, which was a close collaboration between Sture Exhibitions & Events and Svenska Fönster, had clear goals; namely to demonstrate the origin of the raw material. The mysticism in Hälsingland’s forests, and atmosphere became the clue in the design work and bore the message of sustainability and the origin of the raw material.
Through high level of ambition, high creative height and mutual trust, there was plenty of room for the creative process. In addition, a well-composed team of professional skills, commitment and creativity was required to tackle many unconventional technical challenges. Above all, great courage was required to create an environment that was based on feeling and atmosphere; something that could not be fully visualized in advance.
To “build” a forest was a challenge with a fine-grained border between the feeling of a genuine, living environment and something plastic and artificial. The finished concept consisted of real (!) trees, mosses and running water. Over the pine tree crowns, the sky shifted through projections and moving light. 36 different sounds of birds and a clear forest scent contributed to the well-known and appreciated environment among rocks and ferns, the flavors were appealed to by Hälsinge-tapas and spruce marmalade and the reactions from press, visitors and competitors were overwhelming.
Objectives were also set that by the exhibition 48,000 visitors, 85 percent of the visitors in the potential market and 50 percent of the visitors would have noticed Svenska Fönster’s stand. The follow-up showed that 92 percent of the respondents had visited the fair and of these, 88 percent had noticed the stand – a fantastic result!

Nomination movie before the competition in the category “Expo of the Year”
Nomination movie before the competition in the category “Crafts of the year”